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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Behr, you're 5 months old today and changing so fast.  It's amazing how much you have grown in the past several weeks.  For so long you have slept on your back with your hands behind your head like you are sleeping in a hammock.  Now, sleeping on your back is a rare event and you roll around in bed like never before.  Every time we check on you, we never know what position you are going to be in next (legs hanging out of the bed under the bumper, entire body wedged into a corner, feet on top of the rain forest player with hands behind your head, face down with the passy in your mouth, etc.).  
Life is much more exciting for you now it seems as you talk more, laugh, hold yourself up more and now your fascination is with your own body.  You can't seem to get enough of yourself.  You are constantly grabbing your legs, feet, belly, toes, and if on your back, you roll over instantly.  Two days ago you managed to get your foot in your mouth, something I'm sure you've learned from your daddy!  Your favorite things to do are still taking a bath (which is completely hilarious each time), school (flash cards and videos), Baby Einstein, listen to music, ride in the car (even though the car seat sometimes gets you upset), play with your toys, playing with mommy & daddy and last but not least, eat.  You can't eat enough these days and its a good thing we found the rice oatmeal.  Feeding you this in an adventure however since you can't be still, we can't feed it to you fast enough and if the texture isn't just right, you gag (we try not to laugh but it's hard not to).  We try not to cover you from head to toe in food but sometimes it happens.  You also love to listen to your NaNa and RaRa on the phone.  "Why are those grandparents always in that phone?"  It's fun to hear them talk to you and see your reactions.  Of course you are growing out of your clothes so your wardrobe is changing fast.  It's amazing how something will fit one day and the next there is no way we can get it on you.

We have had so much fun with you and can't wait for all the fun times ahead.  5 Months, wow!  We love you little man.        
Wooohooo 5 months old today!!  I know Mom.  How about you drop that camera and the oatmeal stuff and we will call it a day?

Thanks Jenny, Josh, Emily and Parker for the Bear outfit!
Mom, you're killing me!  I could be watching Vincent Van Goat right now!!
How long do I have to hold this pose again?

Where are my pants?
What a big boy!  You look all grown up and yet you're only 5 months old!  My little stud!
Can't fall asleep so I guess I will watch my monkeys!

You're my sweet little boy...thank you for letting me dress you up and take pictures!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Not that stuff again!
Mom, if I choke on this stuff every time I eat do you think it's still something we should feed me?
Something's not right about this stuff????
Still trying to get that stuff down!
I'm so glad that's over!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My beautiful baby bug!  We love you so much!
Eating my rice oatmeal!  I'm still not sure I like it but it's better than that rice cereal!
Bath time!  4 months 2 weeks
You are changing everyday! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Can you tell when Daddy blogs and when Mommy blogs?  I think Daddy is better at communicating than Mommy.  I've gotten a lot better but let's face it....Daddy does a better job at blogging.  You are a very lucky little boy!  We love you very much!
Look Mommy, I finally caught this dog!

Monday, March 2, 2009

2009 Fast Start

Well, here we are in 2009 and you are growing like a weed.  Your mom and I have spent the past 4 months watching your first stages in life go by at light speed.  Its amazing how much you have changed in such a short time.  Chubby cheeks, hundreds of full diapers (some changes only seconds apart), all the smiles, laughs, new sounds, giggles, rollovers, growing appetite, head bobs and loud crys are all pleasures of mine.  God picked me to be your dad and witness moments like these everyday.  He's amazing our God, to you, to me, to everyone, that's what I say!  (Mommy laughed really hard when she read this....pretty cheesy I know)

All of these things and many more are part of the list of things that we love to witness everyday.  (By the way, we need to work on that snore of yours!)  We can't imagine our life before you arrived.  Behr, you have brought so much joy, laughter and more meaning to our lives than you could ever imagine.  We fully intend to enjoy every bit of you in the next several years, so yes you are stuck with us.  

This week has been big time for you let me tell ya! (maybe more for mom and I)  You're now sleeping a full 12 hours, as of this week (Feb. 28).  You had been sleeping for about 10 hours but you let us know it was time for the whole enchilada.  What a joy it's been!!!!!!  We also hit our first bowl of rice cereal a few nights ago and to our surprise you loved it.  As soon as you saw the spoon, it was like "come to papa".  (The past 2 nights however wasn't as be continued)  You usually wake up on your stomach now since you learned how to rollover.  It seems your favorite thing to do when you lie on your back is raise your legs in the air, so that's usually where they are, in the air.  

Another major step is you are now going to school.  Actually you have been for several weeks now and you love it (let's hope it stays that way Mister).  You have to have your "me" time so we either play "My Baby Can Read" or "Baby Einstein" and you are set.  Mommy and I also use our books and flash cards as we teach you words like, "Hi, Tiger, Elephant, Wave", etc.  I know it's early but you will catch on.  Believe me you love it right now.  Music might just be your favorite thing though besides your mom.  Many nights I'll sing to you or play your IPOD in your room and you are all about it.  Lady Antebellum or John Mayer seem to be your favorites so far (maybe because we play them more than others??)  You love all these things but you are so captivated by your mom and her smile, more and more everyday.  I can't tell you how it feels to see you two look at each other they way you do.  (Yes, this is where daddy gets emotional).  

I just want you to know that when daddy is gone at work, he is thinking about you and mom.  I love you very much and I can't wait to get home to be with you each and everyday.  I can't wait to see you smile and hear that giggle again so, let's go play, daddy will act stupid again and you can get a good laugh............see everybody wins!!   

Your first time to eat rice cereal!  Thanks Lacey for my cute bib you made me! 

You're my handsome little man!  I love you so much!
So serious!  How cute are your chubby cheeks!  4 months 

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Family!
Daddy and Behr at the Rodeo Opry!  My two handsome boys!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

3 1/2 Months Old!
Milestones:You rolled over (back to tummy) for the first time yesterday afternoon and it was so exciting!  You are growing up too fast!  This morning when Daddy woke up and went to check on you, you were on your tummy asleep!
We went to Florida for Valentine's Day to see Rara and Papa.  Rara was missing her baby bug and couldn't wait until Easter so we took a short trip and had a great time!  Mommy got to play tennis and get a little sun!
I also added a picture of you going to see Daddy at work in your cowboy boots.

Berrick at work with Daddy!  He had to wear his cowboy boots to work! 3 months old
What a smile!
Berrick in his hoodie!
Daddy teaching Berrick his words!!! Clap!!
Papa and Rara taking Berrick to the car show in Florida!

Berrick watching his Mommy and Rara play tennis!  How cute is he in his hat!
Daddy and handsome!
Berrick and Mommy in Florida!
Mom loves to play dress up with me!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

What an absolute joy! I can’t tell you how much I love being a Mom. It is my calling in life, being a Mom and being the best Mom that I can be (with the help of a lot of books and friends that have already been there, done that!!!).

Well Berrick is now 3 months old and he is growing like a weed, to us! He is about 11 to 12 lbs. sporting cute chunky cheeks and a sweet little belly!

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas with him and our family. We had Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house this year but we brought the New Year in with Rara and Papa in Florida. Hope you enjoy the new updates on the ever growing and changing Berrick Dakota!

Berrick in his cowboy boots and his OU shirt supporting the Sooners!

Mommy and Daddy getting Berrick ready for bed after his bath....I love my bath so much!

Berrick had his newborn pictures done and she did a wonderful job...we loved all the pics!

Berrick and his cute hat that Rara and Papa got him for Christmas!

Berrick playing with his Papa Geyman!

New Year's Eve!

Berrick with his Mom and his Rara in Florida! Fun in the sun!

Berrick and Owen's playdate in Florida.

Berrick's first Christmas!

The Brown family spoiled me rotten at Christmas!

Behr and his Uncle Johnny, Aunt Brandy, and cousins Kyndel and Kelton!

Uncle Shane, Sandy and....little "B" as Uncle Shane calls him!

Berrick looking at his grandpa Vennie! Smile grandpa!

Berrick looking like a stud at Thanksgiving!

Berrick and his great grandparents!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Berrick Dakota Brown

On October 28, 2008 our little gift from God was born. Berrick Dakota Brown blessed his family at 12:21 pm, weighing 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.


In the final weeks leading up to his arrival, we had confirmation from our Doctor that Behr was positioned head down, so we assumed he would arrive the traditional way. Little did we know that Berrick had other plans. Literally between week 40 and 41 he completely flipped and on Monday, October 27 (5 days past due date) it was confirmed that he was breech (head up) and Darbie would have a C-section to deliver the little man. We had already prayed about the situation, so we were completely comfortable with the news, that it was completely in God’s hands and this was how he was to arrive. They scheduled his arrival for the next day at 8:30 am. I hardly slept that night in anticipation of him finally arriving. Berrick was finally going to see the light of day and we would finally get to hold him. Darbie slept great and woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30 am as instructed and they took us to our room within 10 minutes. The next hour or so went by really slow and at about 7:45 am we found out that an emergency C-section had occurred that morning and it would delay Berrick’s arrival until 12:30 pm!!! It was brutal knowing we had to wait another 4 hours for him to arrive but we had waited over 40 weeks, so what was another 4 hours. We just hung out with family in the room and laughed a lot so it worked out great.


They informed us that we would leave our room and head to an OR for the C-section. Noon passed and after a visit from the anesthesiologist, reality set in for both of us. Darbie had never been under the knife for anything before so she got emotional and a little scared. I tried to be strong for her but I was scared too. We said a prayer as a family over Darbie and Behr and the next thing I knew at about 12:05 pm, they wheeled her out of the room. I had to wait at the end of the hall, as they had to take her back to prep. her for surgery. It felt like an hour but finally at about 12:15 pm the doors opened and they told me to follow them back to watch our baby enter the world. I walked in and four people were standing over Darbie and they told me to come around to the back where they had her head and shoulders behind a blue curtain. We were able to talk and within a few minutes, they asked me if I wanted to see, and I said absolutely. I stood up and watched them reach into Darbie and begin to pull him out. He was folded up like a lawn chair! I was overwhelmed as I watched our son take his first breath, cry his first cry and see his first light of day! I could look down at Darbie the whole time and she was crying with joy and happiness. Once Behr took his first big breath and let out his first cry, they took him to an adjacent table to begin cleaning him. The hardest part was leaving Darbie at that time but I knew I had to be there and help them clean Behr and bond with him. I can’t explain how it felt for him to grab my finger right away, while they were cleaning him off. He looked so long and lean which was surprising to me. He opened his eyes several times at this point and you could tell the light was really bright for him. They handed him to me a few minutes later and I took him over to Darbie. I leaned down with him to let her see her baby boy. At this moment, the most precious thing happened. He was crying and opened his eyes and looked at me, then he cut his eyes over directly at Darbie and stared at her. I watched Darbie looking at him and him looking at her and that will forever be etched in my memory. It was amazing to witness and a true gift from God. He knew it was his mom. A few minutes later, they finished up with Darbie and she was able to hold Berrick. They wheeled them to our room and on the way all the family saw him for the first time. It was amazing and I don’t have enough keys on this keyboard to tell you just how special it felt to be a father and to watch Darbie with him. God is so good!

The Doctor told us that normally C-sections stay in the hospital for at least three days but occasionally, they get to go home a little early. As she did with the entire pregnancy, Darbie handled it all like a veteran and we were able to go home on Thursday. She was a trooper and a lot tougher than me. I’d still be on an IV after all that I saw! I could go on and on about so many things in the hospital (i.e. diaper changing adventures, sleeping on the hardest pullout known to man and Darbie being loopy for the first 8 hours or so). Bottom line is they were both healthy, happy, Behr looks like his momma and things could not have gone smoother!

Going Home

Thursday afternoon, we packed up and left for home. We arrived just before 3:00 pm. Bonnie and Tom had decorated the front yard and the front of the house so it was awesome arriving home to signs in the yard and a banner up on the house declaring “It’s A Boy!!”. We spent about two hours at home, just the three of us and then Bonnie and Tom came back to celebrate.

The past two and a half weeks have been a joy and he’s growing so much every day. I must admit, he is one good-looking boy if I say myself. I’m a proud papa! We had so many people come to see us at the hospital and offer to help. Bonnie and Tom were such a huge help and we can’t thank them enough for all that they have done. The same goes for all of our family and friends. Thanks so much for your love, support and all the gifts! We are truly blessed to have such a loving family and such amazing friends. We can’t wait for you all to share in Behr’s life and watch with us as he grows up with you and your families.

Also, thanks to Bonnie & Tom Geyman, Jeff & Jeri Brooks, Wayne & Dorothy Cloutet, Jay & Elizabeth McCormick and Jake & Brooke Burks for all the food you’ve provided us in the past two weeks. It is much appreciated!

Mommy and Daddy nervous and anxious to meet the little bundle of joy for the first time! We are ready to go! First, mom had to have a good cry and then the family gathered around in a circle and prayed for us before they wheeled us back. We love you all family...thank you for that prayer. It was so special for us!